Things to Keep in Mind When Building a Tiny House

You’re not mistaken: tiny houses are indeed everywhere. Their current popularity can be traced back to architect Sarah Susanka, with demand steadily increasing since the early 2000s. Although this lifestyle has existed for a long time among various nomadic cultures, it seems that it was Susanka’s book The Not So Big House, written in 1998, that caught the attention of the general western public. That, and the desire for a simpler life, especially following the economic crisis of 2008.

Are you attracted to minimalist living? Thinking about building yourself a tiny house? As Susanka would say, “build better, not bigger.” Here are some things to keep in mind before embarking on this aesthetic and practical adventure!

Storage Is Must

Whether you decide to go prefab, modular or draw the plans yourself, storage is THE most important thing to consider. Going from an apartment or a house to a very small living space is not easy. You’ll need to ruthlessly cut down your belongings, and then find a place for the rest. So now is the time to be smart, and above all, to think about modular furniture concepts. Here are some smart tips to inspire you.

Take Advantage of Multipurpose Spaces. If your home has a second floor, nothing should hold you back from making the best use of the stairs! Drawers under each step, stair treads that are lids for bins underneath, space under the stairs themselves… the options go on and on! How about the dinette where you sit to eat? Adding storage space under the seats will give you plenty of trunk-like space. Consult a designer to develop a list of ideas that will work in your tiny house!

Think Shelving

In the kitchen or in the bathroom, shelves are a practical way to store a ton of stuff without requiring as much space as a piece of furniture. When installed higher up, they also seem to take up less space. You can even personalize your shelves by depth and length to meet your particular needs.

Buy Less, but Buy Better

Why? To enjoy the minimalism of tiny houses? Sure, but also so you won’t be afraid to store your everyday objects in plain sight! Cookware hung on the wall, for example, can serve as decoration while saving much-needed storage space for other things.

Plan the Space According to Your Lifestyle

Whether you’ll have a tiny house built from scratch or a prefab model, when it comes to actually living there, you have to think about your habits and lifestyle. Do you like to cook complex meals that take time to prepare? Consider a model with a larger kitchen. Are you more of a couch potato? Then the living room will have to be a full-on comfort zone. Living in a tiny house comes with sacrifices, so you might as well prioritize your well-being! Building your future home will make it easier to adapt it to your vision. If, on the contrary, you’re leaning towards the prefabs, you can still select furniture tailored to your needs. At Coquo, we manufacture freestanding, solid-wood modular furniture. Suitable for all budgets, they can be moved, adapted and designed to blend in with the decor.

Estimate Your Time Properly

Although many cities in Quebec unfortunately do not allow long-term tiny houses, some places are totally open to it. Before you even get your home, be sure to choose your land, and above all, check with your district for any tiny house-related laws. This small step will prevent a lot of headaches!

Don’t Overlook the Laws

Even though you’re going tiny, it’s still important to surround yourself with professionals for good advice. There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing your vision come true. Take a look at our projects to see our modular furniture in use.