The Must-Haves For An Eco-Responsible Bathroom

In honor of the launch of our new modular bathroom furniture collection called Balneo, the Coquo team took a look at the ethical choices we can consciously adopt for our environment - the core philosophy at the heart of our projects.

The bathroom is one of the most solicited rooms in our home. Usually located in a smaller space, where humidity levels are a consideration, the use of durable and resistant materials is a priority.

With the arrival of our Balneo complete vanity kit featuring a counter, sink and plumbing fixtures, the renovation of your bathroom or powder room has never been so easy. Here are a few tips to initiate a shift towards an eco-responsible bathroom while bringing a breath of fresh air into your daily life.

The wooden vanity

To ensure longevity, it is essential that bathroom furniture like the vanity, be made from a naturally durable material. Even today with various options available, wood is still the preferred choice. 

Made from oak, resistant to alternating dryness, humidity and disruptive elements that can cause changes in raw materials, our Balneo collection has been conceived to stand the test of time. In addition to having limited expansion in an environment with temperature variations, its accessibility remains local and from renewable sources.


Soft toned concrete sink perfect for a bathroom, powder room.

It’s all in the details

  • A few swaps can be made to your current bathroom to minimize your ecological footprint. For example, using a LED light with a dimmer switch is a more energy efficient solution that requires less energy for the same light output.
  • Adaptable to both lighting and plumbing fixtures, a motion sensor system is another interesting feature that can be integrated in order to make our environment reflect our active and conscious lifestyle. Did you know that motion sensor faucets are believed to save as much as 30 to 50% on overall water use?

Customized cosmetics

Certified green products have been in our homes for some time now, but it is often difficult to make an informed choice when faced with the array of brands on the market. 

When it comes to personal care and cosmetic products, several Quebec companies stand out. Corpa Flora, a line of natural skin care and green cosmeceuticals designed using environmentally friendly technologies. Their mission is to offer customized care for all skin types according to seasonal changes. Their products are made from natural and organic plants harvested in an ethical way. 

Omy Lab is another brand to embrace. Also specializing in customizable, eco-friendly skincare which is 100% vegan, non-animal tested, and environmentally friendly cosmetics. 

Prioritizing bulk purchases or recyclable material packaging are also eco-friendly consumer habits that can be easily integrated into our routine.

Greener by the day


Whether you shop at a bulk grocery store or make your everyday product purchases online, there are several “musts” to add to your eco-friendly shopping list. From home fragrances to detergent, each product has its green variation. 

The Avril Supermarket offers a multitude of low-polluting cleaning products (Attitude, Biovert) for the bathroom as well as a bulk corner for compostable personal hygiene products (Oneka, Routine) for the whole family. 

For those who prefer to shop online, Last Object, a Danish company, has made its mission to develop alternatives to everyday consumer products such as cotton swabs and makeup remover pads. 

For the more design conscious aficionados, bamboo proves to be the perfect ethical and aesthetic ally for the bathroom. Toothbrushes and soap holders, as well as Scandinavian bath bridges can be found at multiple online stores like Haus.


Ready to make eco-friendly changes in your bathroom?

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