Radix cabinet Appliance kit

The Radix appliance kit is part of the modular kitchen foundation. Perfect for integrating a dishwasher or appliance in a kitchen island application. Made of natural or black stained oak, it complements modern, industrial and rustic spaces alike.

Make it the kitchen hero

Eclectic and inviting, this space is full of possibilities. The Radix freestanding kitchen sets the tone and the Volitare complements make it pop. Warm and full of character, this modular kitchen definitely stands out.

Mix and match with style

Radix and Volitare make a great pair. Throw in a braccas island and you have a party. Have fun, be creative and make a statement. Mix and match within the collections and make it your own.

Made to stand the test of time

The solid wood and metal detail construction make the Radix appliance kit a handy complement. It’s offered in two sizes and comes in two wood colors and several metal colors. The side and back panels are in wood and the feet are in metal, allowing for easy height adjustment.

Customize Your
Radix cabinet

Appliance kit

Coquo modular kitchen appliance kit in natural oak.
Coquo modular kitchen appliance kit in natural oak.
Coquo modular kitchen appliance kit in natural oak.

Customize Your
Radix cabinet

Appliance kit

* Countertop not included


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Available 12 weeks

Technical sheet


Perfect for the kitchen. The Radix appliance kit comes with two finishing panels for the front, either ¾” or 1 ¼, to be installed according to the various heights of the chosen appliances. The metal feet offer 1 height adjustment. The wood back panel can be installed or left out, according to the installation requirements of the appliance. Designed for a ¾” countertop. Countertop not included. No assembly required.

Product dimensions

Width26.50" 68 cm
Depth24" 61 cm
Height35.25" 90 cm

Package dimensions

1 Box
Box 1: W 30" x D 27" x H 38"
Weight: 47 lb