Backsplashes: An Economical Solution

The multiple facets of the backsplash.

Tiles are really in these days, and prices reflect their lasting popularity. Is it possible to plan your kitchen or bathroom without blowing the budget? A backsplash may be the solution you’re looking for, whether you’re a fan of a more refined style, have a particular tile you like, or are simply excited by the idea of adding textures to a room. As an accent piece, the backsplash covers less surface than a full wall covering, so it costs less to install than a tile-covered kitchen, for instance.

A Little Backsplash History

Unlike some decorative elements whose history is shrouded in mystery, the backsplash came to be for practical reasons. While it is difficult to pin down a date for its creation, it was presumably invented after the introduction of running water in houses. Its primary purpose was to protect walls from grease and other liquids. Made from non-flammable materials like metal, a backsplash was also placed behind the oven to prevent cooking fires. The backsplash started out rather small, initially around 4 inches tall, but has since gained in size—and style! It is no longer confined to behind the sink, but can be found everywhere in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

At Coquo, a design’s timelessness is an essential aspect to keep in mind when decorating a room. In 2023, our team’s favourite backsplash trends are understated and simple, while adding incredible cachet. Discover our suggestions to embellish your interior.

The Continuous Backsplash

In 2023, think of the backsplash as a continuation of the countertop. Marble and wood slabs are materials that evoke refinement. By continuing the countertop up the wall, using the same piece of raw material, you create homogeneity.It then allows you to create contrast with your cabinets if you like. This approach also lowers the cost and makes installation easier. To make a design statement, focus your attention on the finishing details, like a protruding edge, for instance.

The Contrasting Backsplash

If the idea of a single-piece backsplash appeals to you but not of it being continuous with your countertop, then look for contrast that will draw the eye. For the backsplash, choose a material, finish or colour that sets off the rest of the furniture. Need inspiration? Contact our team for more design advice.

The Backsplash With Vertical Tiles

The metro tile needs no introduction. Since "farmhouse" backsplashes became popular, we’re seeing it everywhere! To update this still very fashionable style, install your tiles vertically. Double, single, coloured, varnished: anything goes!

The Geometric Backsplash

Geometric shapes, when pared down, are components of the timeless designs we love so much. Whether you choose a coloured grout to liven up the room or a more discreet option, there’s nothing like a square tile to energize an interior.

Are you redoing your kitchen? Take a look at our projects for more inspiration that stands the test of time.