Planning a kitchen remodel 1/3: Room Analysis

Starting a kitchen renovation project, large or small, can be very intimidating, especially when it is your first experience. With coquo, the installation of your new kitchen is simplified, and we also want to simplify the planning process for you. In this series of 3 articles, we will show you how to plan the renovation of your kitchen in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: The room analysis

The first step in the process is simply to identify the type of space you are working with in order to choose the ideal configuration, using five main configurations: the U-shaped kitchen, the L-shaped kitchen, the laboratory kitchen, the I-shaped kitchen and the kitchen with a central island.

U shaped kitchen layout.

This first configuration is ideal for large rectangular rooms. The advantage of the U-shaped kitchen: its great functionality and the freedom offered in the layout. This layout gives you maximum storage capacity and an optimal work surface. Plus, everything is at your fingertips!

L shaped kitchen layout.

This second configuration is perfect for more square or rectangular rooms. The L-shaped kitchen offers flexibility in layout, and depending on the proportions, there is always a possibility to add a mini island to have more counter surface. It has a storage capacity and a work surface smaller than the U-shaped kitchen, without losing too much.

Laboratory kitchen layout.

This third configuration works perfectly for narrow rectangular rooms. In addition to having no corner storage to figure out, the work surface is doubled. As for the L-shaped kitchen, you end up with less storage capacity, but still optimal for the available space.

I-shaped kitchen layout.

The I-shaped kitchen is perfect for tight spaces. Indeed, it is the most practical and functional configuration for smaller spaces such as an apartment. Obviously, with a single exploitable wall, the storage capacity and work surface are limited.

Kitchen with a central island configuration.

This fifth and final configuration is perfect for rooms that open onto a living room or dining room. The kitchen with island is ideal for families since it allows to perform several tasks simultaneously given its optimal work surface. This configuration offers the possibility to separate the different areas for greater efficiency. Like the U-shape, the kitchen with central island also offers many possibilities for optimal storage.

The first step is that simple! Once you have assessed your space and chosen the most suitable configuration for your home, you are ready for step 2: the layout plan. Stay tuned for our next article, which will outline the steps you need to follow to complete the layout plan and determine the most ergonomic triangle of activities possible.