Coquo at the motel

Toronto-based interior design firm Westgrove has teamed up with Somewhere Inn to create this reinvented roadside motel in the heart of the Ottawa Valley. This boutique-motel offers 11 rooms equipped with mini kitchens as well as coquo bathroom vanities.

Somewhere Inn is a charming accommodation nestled amidst beautiful forests, lakes and mountains so that its guests experience a unique escape.

The designers have prioritized Canadian manufacturers who share their philosophy. All of the cabins (furniture, works of art to the mattress) are a 100% Canadian experience without compromise!

This is a first for coquo, to be on the side of the road in a motel, and certainly not the last! Coquo enjoys traveling and sharing its values with inspiring concepts that respect nature, like that of Somewhere Inn.

Photos by Niamh Barry