6 Instagram accounts that inspire us

You want to redecorate your home, develop a green thumb or you are constantly looking for cute little DIYs or delicious recipes to try? Well today, we present you 6 instagram accounts that make us want to redecorate, do DIY and cook!

instagram accounts that inspire coquo.
instagram accounts that inspire coquo.

1 - @Plantzy

Want to add a touch of green to your environment, but your thumb is anything but green? Plantzy is here for you! The ambition of this plant agency? "Ensure a happy and symbiotic cohabitation bringing good plants to the right people". In addition to offering a beautiful selection of plants on their online store and being on tour across Quebec this summer, Plantzy also offers various courses on plants. In addition to all this, their instagram really makes us want to turn our coquo offices into a greenhouse in summer and winter!

2 - @Damask_dentelle

Designer and stylist, antiques hunter, blogger, author and mother of 3, the inspiring Vanessa Sicotte has completely charmed us! Whether it’s on television, on her blog, through her books or her Instagram page, she shows us nothing but beauty. Sometimes she shows us how to do it, other times she shows us where to find it, but one thing remains certain: she always shows us how to make it our own. All the projects of this Quebec entrepreneur inspire us and make us even more proud of our Montreal roots.

instagram accounts that inspire coquo.
instagram accounts that inspire coquo.

3 - @Linda_lomelino aka Call me cupcake

First improvised blogger, photographer and pastry chef, Linda Lomelino's career is impressive. She generally opts for a chiaroscuro style, but does not hesitate to add touches of bright colors if the recipe is up to it. In addition to offering an aesthetically beautiful instagram stream, each recipe photographed looks delicious! Even the least sweet tooth among us want to try all the dessert recipes presented. Linda also takes her audience on a trip when she escapes from her native Sweden. There is certainly something to dream about.

4 - @Sarah_Cocolapine

First it was the beautiful pictures of spaces in neutral tones and sleek lines of Sarah Van Peteghem's Instagram account that caught our eye. Then a short visit on her blog and our hearts were conquered! She talks about design, DIYs, she transports us into her world, her house, her projects and her travels and shares what inspires her. In addition to being passionate about interior design, Sarah is also a graphic design adept and you can buy her various prints on her website. Go take a look, you will not be disappointed!

instagram accounts that inspire coquo.
instagram accounts that inspire coquo.

5 - @Helloblogzine

Our French cousins are always in style and we really fell for the online magazine Hello Blogzine. Founded around 6 years ago by two lifestyle journalists and mumpreneurs, we find all the necessary to create a decor that is our own: tips and tricks, DIYs, ideas and inspirations, private tours, both at small creators and "Girls next door" homes, and good addresses in Paris and its surroundings. Carine and Anne-Sophie also share trends for toddlers, both fashion and decor, as well as their favorite recipes, music and travels. A quick glance at their Instagram page is enough to make us want to pack! But above all our freestanding coquo furniture matches perfectly with their aesthetics ... see for yourself and transport yourself in their world here.


6 - @Nicole_Franzen

Just like the content of her website, Nicole Franzen's instagram feed makes us want to do many things: move, travel, eat and even celebrate. Whether it’s portraits, landscapes, scenery or food, Nicole's photos allow us to daydream for a few minutes (at least!). If you want to escape, it's here.