Made with love, built for life.

We believe furniture should last a lifetime and change with your life. So whether you move, get married, have a baby or inherit your great-uncle's record collection, our reconfigurable furniture is ready to evolve with you.

The modular concept that goes beyond the kitchen!

Why coquo?


Keep it…for life. Think long term and add pieces to your home that can be reused, recycled in a new room, moved to a new house or simply reconfigured. A timeless design made of solid wood and top-quality materials means that it’s built to keep up with you. It can take it.


Choose, move, add…personalize. Let your personality and creativity shine through and design your own space. Whether you have a full kitchen to remodel, a partial kitchen to uplift or a dining room to dress, the options are limitless and the combinations are your own. Mixing and matching is key.

No assembly required

No previous experience required—just a little elbow grease. Easy to install means that you can do it yourself and you are in control. Your space, your creation.


Matte bronze powder-coated steel

Matte midnight black powder-coated steel

High gloss off-white powder-coated steel

Natural oak

Midnight black stained oak

Cloud white stained oak (available soon)

Natural walnut

Note: These colours are for reference only. Samples are available in our INITIUM starter kit.

The coquo attitude

Here are some tips for a coquo lifestyle:

  • The coquo attitude is above all a way of life; a way of arranging space in a way that is playful and unique to you.
  • Our modular cabinets showcase your personality, so do not hesitate to surprise your guests!
  • For example, our Volitare armoire with glass doors can easily be transformed according to your desires: from a pantry to a dresser, from a bar to a wardrobe; it’s up to you to show off your colours!
  • Think freely, let your desires unleash your creativity!
  • Encourage local producers, choose fresh products and do not hesitate to show it. Our Braccas island can be used just for that: you can hang your herbs and suspend your grocery nets.
  • Take time … time to invite friends over for dinner, time to cook with love, time to enjoy the moment.
  • Why not choose freestanding appliances or a colourful fridge? This is an opportunity to stand out and bring your personality forward.
  • Adopt a mix and match style. Put your personality on display with coquo!

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