The golden rules

Design and novelty!

It’s time to think outside the box and review the way we think of the kitchen and interior design. The freestanding kitchen, which recently arrived on our drawing tables, marks the beginning of a trend that will last…

We thought it would be a good idea to define the main guidelines and demonstrate the main attractions of the freestanding kitchen whether you are a kitchen designer or a kitchen pro.

Think eclectic kitchen

Introduce furniture into the kitchen

Integrate freestanding cabinets


Create contrasts with rustic tiles, enamel sink or faucets with unusual finishes


Work on the preparation stations independently

Create separate living spaces in the kitchen


Use freestanding appliances

Dare to “mix and match”

Think of the kitchen differently

Use your finds from the attic, display your work tools

Quality first!

A saying that adheres well to the coquo concept. Sensitive to the slow design approach, whose main objective is to promote the well-being of individuals in their environment, this creative philosophy takes a wide range of factors into consideration.


  • Durability;
  • A second life for our furniture in another environment;
  • A design that focuses primarily on the user experience;
  • Ecological sensitivity;
  • The uniqueness of the design;
  • The choice of local materials.


Traditional manufacturing techniques

An eco-responsible artistic approach

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