Oak & Painted steel


Concerned about the environment, our craftsmen take every precaution to limit our ecological footprint by using sustainable local materials. The freestanding furniture of the coquo collection is classic, durable and timeless. White oak is our preferred choice and meets all the desired characteristics.

  • Solid because of its density;
  • Resistance to alternating dryness/humidity;
  • Minimal expansion in relation to temperature differences;
  • Life expectancy of several centuries;
  • High density, impact resistance;
  • Use of an abundant local resource;
  • Local availability of materials.


Natural white oak

Midnight black stained oak

All structures of coquo modules are built with solid oak. Certain components are made in veneer in order to assure the stability of the module.

This type of construction offers increased durability over the long term and reduces the weight of the modules so that you can move them more easily.


Steel is one of the essential components of our concept. The addition of this delicate material with firm properties lightens the design without compromising the style.


Matte bronze powder-coated steel

Matte midnight black powder-coated steel

High gloss off-white powder-coated steel

Available in three colours, the electrostatic painted steel components allow you to customize the modules according to your desires and decor.

These colours are for reference only. Samples are available in our INITIUM starter kit. Please note that for some shelves, a small hole has been added inside the shelves to allow for the electrostatic paint finish.

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