Choosing your kitchen layout

Tips and tricks!

Step 1: Analysis of the room

Determine your type of space by referring to these 5 main configurations.

  • Perfect for wide rectangular rooms
  • Storage capacity: +++
  • Ergonomics: everything at your fingertips
  • Work surface: +++
  • Advantage: great functionality and several possibilities for the layout
  • Perfect for rectangular or square rooms
  • Storage capacity: ++
  • Ergonomics: flexible configuration
  • Work surface: ++
  • Advantage: possible to add a small island for more counter space
  • Perfect for narrow rectangular rooms
  • Storage capacity: ++
  • Ergonomics: double work surface
  • Work surface: +++
  • Advantage: no corner storage

  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Storage capacity: +
  • Ergonomics: limited, only one wall
  • Work surface: +
  • Advantage: practical and functional for small spaces
  • Perfect for open rooms on living or dining room
  • Storage capacity: +++
  • Ergonomics: possible to separate the different stations for greater efficiency
  • Work surface: +++
  • Advantage: ideal for families, multiple tasks can be performed simultaneously

Did you know?

A coquo modular kitchen fits all types of kitchen configurations. Whatever the configuration, our self-supporting modules adapt to the most complex spaces. Redesigning the kitchen according to the coquo concept is to work on distinct and self-supporting stations which facilitate space integration.

Step 2: The layout plan

Once the configuration of your kitchen is determined, follow these steps to properly carry out your layout plan.


  • The preliminary choice of your appliances will facilitate the installation of your future kitchen. Favour freestanding refrigerators and ovens, they emphasize the coquo modular concept and considerably simplify the design of your kitchen.


  • Move around less by defining separate work stations.
    • Storage station 
      • In this area, think of grouping the necessary storage for the preparation of meals. The pantry and the fridge should be in this space.
    • Washing station
      • This area will be the most solicited area of your future kitchen, it must be thought out carefully;
      • Plan sufficient counter space on each side of the sink and a module for waste/recycling adjacent to the sink cabinet.
    • Preparation station
      • This area is usually near the washing area and is ideally a minimum of 36" wide. This is the kitchen’s main workstation, usually between the washing area (garbage side) and the cooking zone.
    • Cooking station
      • The nerve center of the kitchen is built around the oven. It is crucial to purchase a good vent hood for the evacuation of odours. Pots, pans and cooking utensils are stored in this area.

Step 3: Triangle of activities

For a smooth execution of tasks and a better use of space, the triangle of activities is the reference in terms of ergonomics.


  • Fluid movements between the main stations (storage-washing-cooking) are essential to the proper functioning of the kitchen;
  • It is important to consider the current plumbing, electrical, and ventilation (hood) outlets in your plan layout. In case of a configuration change, it is essential to hire a professional to validate the feasibility and verify the costs associated with moving these items.

Did you know?

You have chosen a coquo kitchen so favour space between the different stations to accentuate the modular concept and highlight your freestanding furniture.

Step 4: Renovation work

Renovation work planning is an important step that will allow you to avoid unpleasant surprises and successfully complete your project.


  • Once your plan is completed and the choices of your appliances and finishing materials (floor, backsplash, plumbing, etc.) are finalized, you are ready to plan the work;
  • Establish a schedule, making sure to include all the required tasks for the preparation of your space;
  • Take into consideration the availability of any professional services (if needed) as well as the delivery times of your finishing materials;
  • Do not forget to include a 4 week period for the manufacturing of your modules and between 5 to 10 additional days for the delivery of your order.
Are you ready to design your kitchen? 

It’s your turn! Using these 4 steps to design your kitchen, you can now let your imagination run wild. The coquo modules are designed to be configured and arranged according to your wishes and desires. By determining your stations according to the triangle of activities, the configuration of your kitchen becomes child’s play. Consult our plan your project tab to know all the steps for successfully completing your new coquo kitchen, whether it’s a renovation or a re-design.

Need help?

Order your INITIUM starter kit and a modular specialist will be happy to help you by suggesting the best layout for your space! A 3D rendering and a list of the required modules will be sent to you in order for you to finalize your project.

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