INITIUM starter kit

The INITIUM starter kit is the perfect tool to help you plan your renovation!

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INITIUM starter kit

Need help to visualize your future coquo kitchen? The INITIUM starter kit is for you.

The purchase of coquo furniture is exciting! Coquo allows you to redefine your space in a creative and playful way while giving free rein to your imagination. Our wish is to accompany you to help you avoid layout mistakes that could disrupt your daily life.

With our INITIUM starter kit we can design your coquo kitchen according to your wishes and needs while respecting essential ergonomic rules. Our starter kit acts as a “kitchen planner” and has all the tools you need to imagine your dream kitchen: 

  • 1 3D rendering designed specifically for your space by one of our modular kitchen specialists;
  • Samples of the coquo modules finishes (wood, metal and Fenix countertop);
  • 1 quiz to discover your coquo personality;
  • 1 plan with precise instructions on how to take measurements;
  • 1 small surprise;
  • The list of the required modules to carry out your project;
  • Other inspirations for your project!

Imagine your space in 2 easy steps

1. Receive your INITIUM tube with the measuring instructions to draw up your plans:

  • Measurements;
  • Exit of the hood;
  • Exit the plumbing;
  • Doors and windows.

2. Get a 3D visual made specifically for you by one of our modular kitchen specialists

The INITIUM starter kit is the perfect tool for design lovers and DIY enthusiasts! While our kitchen designers take over the design of your layout plan, you can select the materials and finishes for your kitchen (floor, counter, backsplash, plumbing, etc.).

Please note that we require 3 business days to develop your rendering once we receive all the necessary information that is required for the configuration of your space.

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