Planning a kitchen remodel 2/3: layout plan and the triangle of activities

To revise the kitchen according to the coquo concept, it is to work in distinct and self-supporting zone, thus facilitating the integration in the space. Once the analysis of the room has been completed, it is now time to complete the layout plan. Intimidating, is not it? Do not worry, coquo is here for you. Just be sure to follow the next two steps!

Step 2: The layout plan

Here are the elements to consider in order to develop a good layout plan.



Choosing your appliances before starting the remodel will greatly facilitate the implementation of your future kitchen. It will be much easier for you to select the right modules for your space knowing the dimensions of each appliance. In addition, we advise you to favor freestanding refrigerators as well as freestanding cookers in order to not only to put the modular coquo concept forward but also to simplify considerably the design work of your kitchen!


In order to reduce your movements in your future kitchen, determine each work area separately.

A - Storage station

First, think of grouping together the necessary storage for meal preparation (i.e pantry and fridge)

B - Washing station

This is the area that will be the most solicited in your future kitchen so it must be thought carefully. Make sure you have sufficient counter space on each side of the sink and a garbage/recycling module adjacent to the sink cabinet.

C - Preparation station

This area is usually found near the washing area. Ideally, plan a minimum of 36" long since it is in a way the main work plan of the kitchen. Generally, the preparation zone is located between the washing zone (trash side) and the cooking station.

D - Cooking station

Everyone can agree that the stove is the nerve center of the kitchen. It is therefore imperative to provide a good hood for the evacuation of odors. Also, pots, pans and cooking utensils should ideally be in this area.

Now that you have identified the key areas and your layout plan is done, it is also important to determine the triangle of activities for a smooth workflow and a better use of space.
kitchen configuration examples.

Step 3: Triangle of Activities

The triangle of activities is the reference in terms of ergonomics for the kitchen. Two details are important when determining the triangle of activities:

1 - Plan your movements between the primordial zones identified in the previous step. The operation of your kitchen will be much more natural as well.

2 - It is important to consider current plumbing, electrical and ventilation outlets and facilities in your plan layout. If you want to make any changes, it is essential to hire a professional to validate the feasibility and, of course, check the costs associated with moving the various elements.

There you go! In a short time, you have just drawn up your layout plan while taking into account the triangle of activities. Stay tuned for the third and final article in this series. We will cover the last step: Work Planning.
Talk soon!