Planning a kitchen remodel 3/3: The work

The last, but not least, step: work planning. It is this crucial step that will allow you to avoid unpleasant surprises and successfully complete your project.


Step 4: The work

You are almost there! The layout plan is now complete and the choices of your appliances and finishing materials (floor, backsplash, plumbing, etc.) finalized, it is now time to plan the work.

1 - Timeline

Take the time to establish a schedule by taking care to include all the tasks to complete for the realization of your space. Do not be afraid to make a very detailed list of tasks to eliminate the risk of forgetting anything. Every detail counts!

2 - Availability and deadlines

Remember to take into account the availability of professionals (if necessary) and the delivery time of your finishing materials and appliances. Make sure everything is scheduled at the right time and every professional comes in at the right moment in the process. We wouldn’t want to have everything painted before the electrician comes in and make new holes on the walls now, would we!

3 - Manufacturing

Since coquo furniture is handmade, it is also important to allow 4 weeks for our amazing team to make your beautiful modules and add an additional 5 to 10 days for the delivery of the order.

That's it! You are now ready to design your kitchen! Using the 4 steps presented in this series of 3 articles, you can now give free rein to your imagination. Consult our tab plan your project, we have prepared a memory aid to help you plan your renovations whether it is a complete renovation or a re-design.


Talk soon!